Around the house

Around the house



Only 5 min walk from the house there is a local beach called Boninovo Beach. It is a rocky beach adored by it's frequent visitors and my neighbors. The beach is basically at the bottom of the cliff and to get there you walk through little park and down 196 interesting steps. It is quite hidden so it doesn't get very crowded. If you go there in early morning it is possible you will be the only one there and in the afternoon the colors of the sea and the sky are very nice. There are some shady spots for those who are wary of too much sunshine and there are some nice high cliffs for those who like to jump and there are also steps for getting in and out of the sea for those who like that way best.



There are few grocery shops 5 min walk from the house. Normal working hours are from 7:00 until 20:00 hours or 21:00 during high season. Make sure you don't run out of beer after that time.



At the end of our street which is basically less than 50 meters from our garden gate there is an open air cinema. For some reason I am always late for the projection. During summer evenings often there are projections ranging from blockbuster movies to slow food documentaries.



If you are interested in exploring some further parts of the town and the county there are local bus station and rent a car office close to the house. (5 min walk).