dubrovnik crag beer

Beer after climbing


Today was a lovely day at our little local crag.
I climbed one 6b overhang which is a big thing for me. And my friends were happy too

one of them climbed that same overhang for 26th time which is not a small thing as well, and the other cycled a really steep and hard section on the way to the crag. Fantastic energy really. Not to mention that the existence of Philip the Strong came to my attention.
Once upon a time and not so long ago in Zagreb Croatian capital city lived a boy who named himself Philip the Strong. This is the beginning of a story and all I know of it for now. However soon I ll find out more.
So, all those nice sport achievements and stories made us thirsty and some of us hungry also.
Luckily 3 min walk from the crag there is a restaurant named Konoba Popret. We are at home there. They have excellent apple strudel there but this evening was beer evening.