Posing for the camera

How to spend the last day of the year


The question actually was whether to go shopping early in the morning, come back home and tidy up the house so everything would be ready for the guests in the evening, or to walk the city walls with friends.

Nina's idea for the walk which came as an sms message was knocking on my mind as I was getting ready to follow up a really good real housewife plan for the day. However, it took one look through the window to decide. It was perfect sunny day with clear blue sky smiling at me and calling me out for a walk.
At this time of the year city walls are perfect for photography. There is not too many people and the air is so clear. I took my trusty lumix and hurried down to the Old Town. Luckily it is close to home so I got in time at the meeting point in front of the big Onofrio's fountain.
This was an excellent last day of the year decision and the photos are here to prove it.