Dubrovnik - view



Dubrovnik, also called the Pearl of Adriatic, has one of the most beautiful old towns on the Mediterranean. It is situated on the very south of Croatia. At present Dubrovnik has a population of around 60, 000 while its development as a small settlement began in the 6th century.

First encounter with Dubrovnik will leave you breathless, because everything Dubrovnik has was built in harmony with nature: churches, towers, walls, squares and streets. In the 12th century residents started to fortify Dubrovnik with walls and towers, while the monumental city walls were finished in the 16th century.


Three large forts and fourteen quadrangle towers are part of 1950m long walls. Plus two forts  “Revelin” and “Lovrijenac” that are guarding main entrances to the Old Town.  In the 12th century the town became an autonomous commune that developed into the tinny state called the Republic of Dubrovnik, and used skillful diplomacy to gain prosperity.

The French conqueror Napoleon abolished the Republic of Dubrovnik in 1806. Abandoned by the French troupes, Dubrovnik was governed by the Austrians from 1814 as a part of the Dalmatian province, while from 1918 it shares the Croatia's destiny. The city of Dubrovnik is an exceptional cultural center and a popular tourist destination today.