Yellow Room

Long time ago in ancient China yellow was considered the imperial color and it was reserved for emperor and his family. Yellow is the color of the Sun and light. It is open and warm. In this room you can feel the positive vibration!

Blue Room

Blue color is associated with depth, purity and freedom. It is good for relaxation, imagination and restful sleep. Blue room is on the second floor for guest's with bathroom and kitchen to share. The rooom has a double bed...

Antique Room

Antique room is our new (old) room with antique furniture (completely renovated) like mirror, bed, closet - all dating from begining of 20th century. It is our second room on the second floor for guest's with bathroom and kitchen to share.


The garden was a favorite place for Aunt Rina and Aunt Mitzy where they held tea parties during sunny and warm days with their family and friends. They chatted about events in the city, about art, music, politics, travel, hobbies and...


We have long experience in guiding adventure tours in Croatia and what is more important, we have even longer experience of enjoying outdoor activities around Dubrovnik! With us you can feel and see Dubrovnik in a different way by being active in beautiful nature that surrounded. Bring your good will, walking shoes, leave excuses and join us!

Kolocep Island Walking, Exploring...
Kolocep Island Walking, Exploring...
Wandering around the world in pursuit of a sanctuary on a well-indented rocky shore surrounded by a crystal clear sea, Beauty stopped and remained forever on the Elafite Islands.
Sunset Hiking Workout in Dubrovnik
Sunset Hiking Workout in Dubrovnik
Srdj is the mountain that rises above Dubrovnik Town. It is 412 meters high. As you climb to the top panoramic view of Dubrovnik and surrounding islands open to you. Get you camera ready.
Rock Climbing Lesson in Dubrovnik
Rock Climbing Lesson in Dubrovnik
Experience rock climbing!
Rock climbing is becoming more and more popular around the world. For me the best aspect of this sport is going in the nature and climbing natural rock.
Moonlight Hiking in Dubrovnik
Moonlight Hiking in Dubrovnik
We can take you to an unforgettable adventure! Hiking is a fantastic workout, you already know that, so join us on a moonlight hiking trip and explore the beauty of Mt. Srdj at night!

Our Team

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Here you can get to know the residents of
the Tea Party House Dubrovnik.


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Old Memories

Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.
– Dr. Seuss

How to get to the Tea Party House Dubrovnik

From main bus station in Gruž:

As you exit the main bus station to your right you will see a local bus stop. Take a bus number 1a or 1b. Exit the bus on the 5th stop the name of this stop is “Boninovo”. (10 min drive if the traffic is OK)

Continue walking in the same direction as the bus until you get to the zebra crossing (open sea on your right). Cross the road and continue through a short road.
Turn right at the end and follow this street until you get to the small square with parked cars.
Second street on the right is Ivana Matijasevica. Find no 6 and you are there. (5 min walk)

From the airport:

There is Dubrovnik airport shuttle bus that drives to Dubrovnik city, ticket price is 40 kuna (about 6 Euro).
Exit the bus at Pile square which is the western entrance to the Old Town. From here you can either walk or take local bus. If you walk turn your back to the Old Town and follow the main road. It goes uphill. After about 5 min you will get to the place where you can see open sea to your left. Across the road there are steps. That little street is called "Orsatova ulica". Go up the steps and at the top turn left and at the end of the street turn right. Now you are in my street “Ivana Matijasevica” find no 6 and you are there. (30 min drive from the airport and 10 min walk to the house)

If you take local bus from Pile square

You can take local bus number  1a,  1b,  2,  3,  4,  5,  6  or  8.
Exit the bus at the second stop (Boninovo stop).
Now there is a short street just to the right of the bus stop if you are standing facing the bus stop.
Take that street and turn right at the end. Follow the street and at the end you will arrive at small square with parked cars.
Second street to the right is Ivana Matijasevica.
Find number 6 and that is it. (3 min walk)

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